Parts of the Project Study

Project study is used to convince the reader or audience that the project being studied is the best and most beneficial, efficient and economical in all aspects.  Of course, your project study should be based on feasibility study conducted in order to become more effective. The following are some parts of project study.

I.    Title Page
II.    Letter of Transmittal
III.    Introduction
IV.    Related Literature
V.    Methodology
VI.    Discussion of Results and Findings
VII.    Conclusion
VIII.    Recommendation
IX.    Appendix
X.    References

Other Parts

1.    Preliminaries
2.    The Problem and Its Background
3.    Review of Relate Literature and Studies
4.    Method of Study and Sources of Data
5.    Presentation, Analysis and Interpretation of Data
6.    Summary, Conclusions and Recommendatins
7.    Bibliography
8.    Appedices

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Acknowledgment Sample for Project Study

I would have not finished this project without the support of my family who has always been there for me whenever I need them, the encouragement they give to keep me going and their love to empower me that never fails all the time. Thank you.

To my girlfriend whose support has always been my source of strength and inspiration.  To my friends who helped me in researching on different fields concerning this project.  Thank you.

I would also like to thank Engineer Desiderio V. Pepito who has given me a chance to prove that I can do things on my own.  He gave me a lot of positive perspective in life.  He who taught me things far more of my understanding.  I thank him for challenging me to do this project.  To you sir, I give you lots of thanks and respect.  Thank you.

I thank Mr. Ruben Jaraplasan, the Manufacturing Head of B-MEG Mariveles for sharing his valuable time and for giving me helpful information to finish this project.  Thank you.

And I would like to thank our Heavenly Father.  He who was and is to come; Him who is giving high hopes; for being my source of strength; for being true to what He promised me.  I praise you and I thank you my Creator and Savior.  To God be the glory.

by: Henry D. Book

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Statement of the Hypothesis

The general hypothesis is the CompSci WebPage in the Internet will be more beneficial for future usage.  It would help a lot actually, including the ease of finding your co-alumni wherever they may be.

1.    The CompSci WebPage in the Internet is definitely better.

2.    The CompSci WebPage in the Internet is applicable to all students as subscribing in the Internet iseasy.

3.    Advantages:
a.)    Relatives of the students could see this WebPage wherever they may be without the difficulty of sending for a Yearbook.
b.)    You may produce as many copies as you want by just simply downloading from the Internet.

a.)    You need computer with Internet access to view this WebPage.
b.)    You should know the basics about the Internet, especially surfing.

4.    With this WebPage, we can say that we are not left behind in the flow of technology and we can catch up with other countries.

5.    The cost of this project may be a bit higher than the usual yearbook comparing it t a single Yearbook, but if we compare it with all the Yearbooks that have been sold per batch, it is definitely cheaper.

Excerpt from Annual Website Project by Romalyn Mamalateo, Sheryll Hipolio, Mary Jane Edquiban

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Project Name: Annual Website

Chapter 1: Introduction

Have you been able to go to a party or other social gathering in the last year or two without running into conversations about the Internet? Chances are, the answer is no.

This global network has been around for nearly 20 years, but most people seems to have appeared out of nowhere in the last year or two.  In that time, more and more people have tried it out.  Many have been able to get through the initial startup, which is almost always baffling, and have come to appreciate this brave new world for the phenomenal amount of information it makes available, as well as for its entertainment value.

Today, internet is very popular. Many people and companies invest in it due to its worldwide connection and access.  It renders services such as advertisements, new technologies, and new movies especially to those popular people including celebrities and high officials, and virtually any subject you can think of.  It also serves as research reference for many, especially students.  You may even avail of chats where you can make new friends around the world.

Because of it being in demand and popular to people, as graduating students, we thought of putting a Computer Science WebPage in the Internet.

Not to boast about the graduates but to give them the advantage of being known by companies who need their services.  This is also a nice way of helping the students to be known not only in their places but also throughout the world.  Their faces will be seen as well as their scholastic records and some personal information.

As a start, we also have placed the student’s achievements and activities or organizations that he had participated in.  With this effort, we can also advertise our school and the courses we have finished.  In short, not only the students or their relatives benefits from this but also the school and those who are planning to finish a degree in the near future but haven’t decided yet what to take and where to take it.

The idea of this study started when we saw our elder brothers and sisters as well as our parents with their classical Yearbook.  We had the difficulty of scanning book pages, looking for them; they’re past activities and organizations.  With the advent of this new technology, these difficulties won’t be experienced anymore.

So why be contented with this old style of Yearbook when we can have a better and “viewer friendly” one?

Statement of the Problem

The purpose of the study is to determine whether or not a CompSci WebPage in the Internet would be feasible for future usage.

Specifically, the researcher would like to address the following problems:

  1. Is a CompSci WebPage in the Internet better than that the usual Yearbook?
  2. Will this be applicable to all students whatever their courses may be?
  3. What are its advantages as well as disadvantages?
  4. What can this project contribute to trends of technology?
  5. In terms of the cost, will the CompSci WebPage in the internet cost more than that of the classical Yearbook, and would be difference of cost worth it?

Excerpt from Annual Website Project by Romalyn Mamalateo, Sheryll Hipolio, Mary Jane Edquiban

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