Research Acknowledgement Sample

Writing acknowledgement page for a research work is optional but for some universities and school, they require student to write acknowledgement. By the way, acknowledgement is a way of expressing gratitude and appreciation for those who helped to complete a research work or a project. It is a way of thanking those who helped to complete your research along the way.


Below is an example of acknowledgement.


The researchers wish to extend their sincere gratitude and appreciation for giving precious contributions towards the completion of this research.

To our loving parents, for their moral and

acknowledgment sample

financial support and providing the space to work with.

To the university librarian, Mrs. Annalyn M. Soriano,  for allowing us to make use of the available references to understand and interpret the Thermodynamics topic which made us finish this research work.

To our Thermodynamic instructor, Engr. Coco Jose, for guiding us throughout our research work. Also, for checking our problems computation.

For all our Engineering mentors, Engr. Reynaldo Manaloto, Engr. Eymard Cruz and Engr. Emerson Lazo.

And most especially to God, for giving us the guidance and knowledge as well as good health in constructing this research work.

To God be the Glory.

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Types of Thesis Statement

Before enumerating the different types of thesis statement, let us know what thesis statement is.  Thesis statement gives insights to the reader about the topic. It will tell the readers what is to expect from your document.  It is not simply a topic. It helps control the idea or statement within the paper. A good thesis statement should have proof such as detailed supporting evidence

Thesis statement is usually a single sentence which found in the first paragraph that presents an argument to the reader. It should be well-written and concise because it is the central argument of your document.

The following are some types of Thesis Statement

  1.  Explanatory Thesis Statement.  It is call expository thesis statement. This statement does not have argument to defend and it just explains something to the readers.
  2. Argumentative Thesis Statement. This statement is a claim that defends with evidence. It can be an opinion, evaluation, cause and effect statement or interpretation.
  3. Analytical Thesis Statement. This statement is an idea or issue and breaks this issue to analyze. It breakdown the topic and evaluates it to the reader.

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Thesis Structure

Many students today has the hard time to write their thesis because they think that thesis is hard to do and it implies a lot of time and hard work. But, if you outline and know the format and structure thesis, then you will be seeing yourself doing it easily. Most schools and universities today provides thesis structure that to be followed by their students.

The following are the usual thesis structure.

  • Title Page. It is differ among universities and institution but share the common contains such as Title and author. Some institution provides format for the title page.
  • Abstract. It is the most read part of the thesis because it contains the accurate summary of the research described in the document.  It includes the problem, methods of investigation,  and  conclusions. It should not exceed 350 words in length. It appears at the beginning of the document but it is not an introduction of your research.
  • Table of Contents.  It contains the page number of each section so the reader helps to be able to find things easily. It has the subheadings of each chapter.
  • List of Tables. It includes the tables used in your thesis.
  • List of Figures. It provides list of figures in your document.
  • List of Illustration. It contains the illustration used in your thesis.
  • List of Symbols and Abbreviation. It includes the symbols and abbreviation used in your document.
  • Glossary.  This section is optional but it is good to have a glossary of terms so that your reader may understand all terms use during your study, It is serve as brief dictionary.
  • Acknowledgement.  It is the way of thanking those who make contribution to make your thesis possible. Also, it is optional.
  • Introduction. It contains the background of your study as well the hypothesis. Also, it provides the statement of the problem as well as the solution to the problem.
  • Review of Related Literature. It provides the published documents related to your study which provides also the substantive findings and theoretical and methodological contributions.
  • Materials and Methods Used. It contains the methods as well as the materials used to solve the problem presented in your study.
  • Results and Discussion. It provides how do your obtains the results and discussed it in the proper way using proper formulas and measurements.
  • Conclusion and Suggestion for further research.  It discussed the conclusion regarding the hypothesis presented in the introduction. Also, describe the possible future research.
  • Appendices. It includes the research related material used in your study such as survey questionnaire, interview transcripts and other supplementary data.

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Thesis Topic Suggestion for Education Courses

Writing thesis is really a big job to everyone especially for those education students.  However, if you know how to do it properly, you will have a successful thesis.  It is always important to know what topics do really interest you. In choosing your thesis topic, think of the issues around you and turn them into questions.  Then, do a research if there is sufficient resources for this topic.

The following are some of the topic ideas for Education Thesis:

  • What are the benefits and advantages of K-12 Education System in the Philippines?
  • What Foods Improve Student’s  Learning Skills?
  • Does pre-school education helps student to gain more knowledge over those that do not have?
  • Is Exercise Benefits Elementary Student’s Learning?
  •  Should pre-schooling be required for all children?
  •  Is Technology should integrate to school curriculum?
  • What should be the school’s focus? Character formation or Academic education during pre-school.
  • Should apprenticeship program and on-the-job training program is beneficial to students?
  • Should religious education included in school curriculum?
  • Is home schooling is effective and regulated more?
  • Is money management techniques and business studies should be included in the Primary School Education?
  • Do private school focuses on character and personality formation than public school?
  • Are private schools teachers are more dedicated than public school teachers?
  • Should human sexuality course be included in school curriculum?

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Writing Thesis Title

thesis title2

One of the crucial parts of writing a thesis is thinking of the best and title for your thesis.  In some cases, some reduce their thesis title to something catchy that summarizes the project.  Thesis title should be informative, creative and imaginative. It uses keyword from the thesis. Also, it should be specific and give the reader or audience the idea what the paper is all above.  Since thesis title is the first thing the reader sees upon reading up your paper, it should provide a concise view of the topic.

Thesis title serves as the first summary of your thesis so it is important to make your thesis title short and relevant to the aim of your research.  Avoid ambivalence and ambiguity. Make your thesis title simple, clear and descriptive that represents of your overall work.

Lastly, your thesis title should follow the exact format required. The standard format of thesis title includes a shorter main title which describes the work and a longer subtitle which explains the details of your research and it is separated by a colon. Thesis title has its own page.  It also has the date, your name, university as well as the candidate number  appear on this page along the title itself.

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Thesis Tips

Thesis is a document submitted in order to graduate for an academic degree or professional qualification with the author’s research and findings. It is also a final project  for the masters  degree. Writing thesis is time consuming since you need a lot of time for research to prove that your thesis statement.  It entails a lot of research on a specific subject that determines knowledge acquired on your academic subjects.

When writing a thesis, it is necessary to set up a deadline.  Your deadline should not be your due date of the thesis since you need to leave enough time to get it proofread and make any additional changes. After that setting a deadline, make a detailed outline of your document.  Making an outline makes your work easier and organized. Outline serve as guide in your writing since it is a visual way to look how your paper look like. You can set also a mini-deadline for each thesis chapter. Also sets a target each day so that you can achieve and beat your target every single day.

The following is an example of thesis outline:

Title Page
Table of Contents
List of Figures
List of Tables
Results and Discussion

Create pleasant environment and free our distraction environment while working on your thesis.   The least but not to last is be nice to yourself. Eat well. Sleep well. Socialize and make time to enjoy.

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Thesis Statement Problems

thesis statement problemsIt is very important and necessary to double check everything once you develop your thesis. One of the most essential is your thesis statement just to make sure that you are in the right track. A thesis statement is an argument that needs to prove.  It should be argumentative and debatable.  It is a strong statement that provides evidence from reliable sources since it will be the main idea of the entire thesis. A thesis statement should always have a plenty of reliable sources to support your claim.

The following are some problems with the thesis statement:

  • Thesis statement is too general or vague or too broad. It should narrow.
  • It is a statement of the fact.  If it is a statement of the fact, it should not require any research or studies.
  • It is based on emotion. If it is base on emotion, it is difficult to research.
  • It is not argumentative and debatable.
  • It is not acceptable by the society.
  • It uses vague language.
  • It is a product of critical thinking.
  • It is not supported by reliable source.
  • It is too specific or too detailed.
  • It does not present concise, clear, and strong argument.

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Thesis Statement Writing Tips

Thesis has main point and main idea and the argument you make should redirect this main idea and the sentence that captures on the main idea is your thesis statement.

Thesis statement should be well written and concise since it is the central argument of the document.  It makes develop a thesis.   Also, it is supported by evidence. Your thesis statement should claim an argument not because it is a statement of the fact or statement of opinion. It should be debatable meaning the persons should have different opinions on the subject matter. It can be accepted or disagreed. Also, thesis statement should narrow because it is more effective, if the topic is broad, more evidence is needed and it can be complicated.

Example of broad topic is “Drug is not good to our health”.  It is not mention what kind of drug is all about since there are different types of drugs such as recreational drug, illegal drug, and medication drug. If it narrow down, it can be written as “Illegal drug is not good to our health”.  Broad topic needs many questions to answer. Specific topic makes your thesis much more successful than writing about general topic that do not say much.

In addition, make sure that your thesis statement clear so that your reader or audience understand what exactly what you mean.

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Sample Questionnaire and Data Analysis

This study was conducted fifteen (15) years ago when internet is not yet recognized

1.    Are you familiar with the Internet?

  •  This shows that the Internet is very popular and does not need further introduction and explanation to the possible customers of this project.

2.    Have you tried using the Internet?

  • Although many knew about the Internet, the actual usage of it is still not a hundred percent maybe because of the lack of equipment to be used or they have no reason to surf the internet.

3.    How many times do you use the Internet?

  • This shows that lots of student do not use the internet or use them just once or twice a week while others say that they use the internet only if they have research works.

4.    What are the purposes in using the Internet?

  • The main reason why students use the internet is for researches for their subjects.  Many also use it for entertainment and for email and the least would be the chats.

5.    Do you want yourself to be seen in the Internet?

  • It shows that greater number of students would like to be seen in the internet

6.    Are you familiar with the Web Page?

  • Web page is seen in the internet and probably they are not aware of using it.

7.    Do you want to have your own Web Page?

  • Greater percentage of students wanted to have their own web page and wanted to have their information accessible in the internet.

8.    Would you like our annual seen in the Web?

  • It shows that many students wanted to be updated with the new trends of technology

9.    Will you approve if the information about the Computer Science Graduates would be accessible in the net?

  • It shows there are many users who would like to see the information about the graduates in the web.

10.    Would you like to see the activities of Computer Science in the Web?

  • This shows that the students are interested to know and view the activities of the Computer Science through the web.

11.    What other aspect of the Computer Science would you like to see in the Web?

  • Many would like to see the sports aspect of the computer science followed by the news then the history.  Others also suggested that new technology reports, some sort of entertainment, the students’ extra curricular activities as well as their families and friends be included in the web.

12.    Do you think a Computer Science Web Page can contribute to the development of the Computer Science students?

  • It shows that most of the students agree that CompSci web page can help in the development of the Computer Science students because it is a way of making CompSci students popular.  This will also help students to have information about the CompSci activities. It will also serve as an advertisement to students planning to finish a degree.


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How to Choose a Thesis Topic

When your instructor or professor told you should make a thesis as requirement, you always wonder what would be the best thesis topic.  Remember that to make your thesis writing is interesting and enjoyable, it should be based on the right choose.

The following are some tips to choose a thesis topic

  • It should be based on your researcher’s interest to avoid the boredom of researching and writing.
  • Field of the specialization of the researcher in order for him to work easier and will improve skills and competence of his profession.
  • Skills of the researcher to make to easy for him solve whatever problem may come his way.
  • Budget for the thesis.  It should clearly know the exact budget for the whole thesis to be able to finance by the researcher.
  • Thesis topic should be the personal choice of the researcher to avoid blaming someone or make excuses if any obstacle will encounter.
  • It should be manageable in such a way that there is available data, equipment, instruments for research and have positive and reliable results.
  • Thesis topic should be within in a period of time.  It should be completed with the given period of time.
  • It should be related to present time.  To arouse reader’s interest, thesis topic should be relevant to present situation.
  • It should improve quality of life.


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