Example of Field Report

Visit to the Computer Center
Asia Pacific College
Malolos, Bulacan

By means of the telephone, I made an appointment with Engr. Norberto Samson, the Director of the Computer Center of the Asia Pacific College.  The meeting was set last September 10, 1997 at 4:00 pm.  The purpose of the visit was to observe the equipment and their operations as well as to discuss the qualifications needed to get a job at the Center system and to observe and take part in operating one of the computers.


Through the discussion I had with Engr. Samson, I learned that for one to get a job at the Computer Center, a person must have a background in Computer specifically data processing.  The more experienced a person is in data processing, the better the chances are of getting at the Center.

Beginning Positions

A new employee with no data processing work experience would probably start at the Computer Center with a job in keypunch.  This job involves the punching of data on to cards that are run through the computer.  Very often this job includes a lot of night work, especially for the beginner  As an employee masters certain skills, the chances for a higher position in the center increases.  The new employee with experience or specialized training can move into responsible high-paying positions within a few months.

Observation of Equipment and Operations

The Computer Center has such a large load of work that it is equipped with two IBM systems, three computers with model types XT, 286 and 386.  Different offices and departments of Asia Pacific College bring in raw data which are programmed and processed by the computers and the results are returned to the different offices.

Conclusions and Recommendations

My visit to the Computer Center was very interesting and worthwhile.  Engineer Samson encouraged me to continue my education in data processing and to get much out of the courses as I could because that knowledge would help me to get a good job and to advance.  He asked me to be sure to apply for a ready employment at the Computer Center when I completed my college studies.

I would recommended that anyone interested in data processing visit a company using computer and observe its operation.  The visit led me to feel secure in the belief that there is a very bright future for me in the field of data processing – if I get good training.