Sample of Simple Progress Report

Status of Repair of Washing Machine WM 307 for
Customer Service Manager from Shop Foreman

March 12, 2004


On Monday, March 9, a General Electric washing machine was brought into the shop.  It was tagged WM 307.  The customer was told that the machine, if possible, would be repaired and ready for pick-up by Friday afternoon, March 13.

Repairs as of Thursday March 12:

Examination showed that repairs were probably needed on the transmission, pump, and tub drain hose.

The transmission was removed and disassembled with a check for defects in the gears and housing. There were none.  The transmission housing and gears were soaked in solvent and checked again for defects.  Still no defects were found.  New seals, however, were installed in the unit; then it was reassembled and placed back into the machine.

The pump was pulled from the machine and disassembled.  Then the impeller was removed from the pump and was visually inspected.  It was found to be defective, with three broken teeth; This part was ordered from May and Jackson Company in West Capitol Street.  Upon delivery of the new impeller the next day, it was installed along with new pump seals.  There were no leaks in the pump, so it was reinstalled in the machine.

The tub drain hose was taken off the machine.  This part was beyond repair; thus a new hose was placed on the washer and sealed with rubber glue at the base of the hose.  This is a sealant type of glue and requires 24 to 30 hours to dry.

Remaining Work

The glue will not be sufficiently set for the machine to be hooked up and run through a complete cycle by closing time tomorrow (Friday).  The customer should be notified that the machine will not be ready for pick-up until Monday afternoon, March 16.