Short Progress Report Sample

FOR: Mr. Rex Estrellado, Manager, Tirik Automotive Corporation
FROM: Wilber B. Mozo, Mechanical Engineer
PERIOD: January 8, 1979 to February 10, 1979
SUBJECT: Diesel Engine For Automobile Purposes


To show the progress on the technical report being prepared about diesel engines


To inform the management on the status of a technical report being prepared on diesel engines with the summary of the work accomplished and the expected completion date.

Result and Conclusion

As a result of the initial stage of this research work, this writer has covered many aspects of the new diesel engine technology including design, principles of operation, supercharging, and advantages of diesel engines over gasoline engines.  He is still collecting other raw data to make the report comprehensive.


None encountered so far


Roughly 70% of the work has been accomplished.  Barring unforeseen circumstances, the reporter will have first draft of the report ready within 15 days from the date hereof.