Acknowledgment Sample for Project Study

I would have not finished this project without the support of my family who has always been there for me whenever I need them, the encouragement they give to keep me going and their love to empower me that never fails all the time. Thank you.

To my girlfriend whose support has always been my source of strength and inspiration.  To my friends who helped me in researching on different fields concerning this project.  Thank you.

I would also like to thank Engineer Desiderio V. Pepito who has given me a chance to prove that I can do things on my own.  He gave me a lot of positive perspective in life.  He who taught me things far more of my understanding.  I thank him for challenging me to do this project.  To you sir, I give you lots of thanks and respect.  Thank you.

I thank Mr. Ruben Jaraplasan, the Manufacturing Head of B-MEG Mariveles for sharing his valuable time and for giving me helpful information to finish this project.  Thank you.

And I would like to thank our Heavenly Father.  He who was and is to come; Him who is giving high hopes; for being my source of strength; for being true to what He promised me.  I praise you and I thank you my Creator and Savior.  To God be the glory.

by: Henry D. Book