Sample Acknowledgement


The study leader wishes to thank…

….. The Father Almighty for giving me the courage, intelligence, and strength to finished this task.

….. My families and friends who always been supported and for my inspiration.

….. My bestfriend who always be there for me in times of trouble.

….. My instructor, Ms. Jennifer Lopez for guiding me through the project.

…. To the Manager of JcMER Trading Services, Mr. Gabby Santos, for lending of their materials used in this project.

…..  To my mentor, Mrs. Rosita dela Rosa for sharing her knowledge and expertise.

….. The Dean of the College of Computer and Information Technology, Dr. Ethel  R. Bautista for trusting me in this Project.

…..The Computer Science Graduates of Pilar State University (PSU), some of the parents who responded in my questionnaire.

….. Lastly, the member of BCIS for their time, effort and sacrifices to make this project possible.