Sample Background of the Project

Yearly, Bataan Heroes Memorial College releases it Annual for Graduates.  It consists of different information about graduates same with faculty members.  It also includes the student’s achievement for school year.

Did you happen to see your elder’s brothers and sisters as well as your parents with their classical yearbook?  They had the difficulty of scanning book pages, working for them; they’re past activities and organizations.

So why be contented with this old style of yearbook when we can have a better and a viewer friendly one?

To reduce the above mentioned problems, the group designed Computer Science Web Page in the Internet or we can call it as an Annual Website.

Today, Internet is very popular; using the internet is a lot like using a computer for anything.  You sit in front of the monitor and look at words and pictures; you use the keyboard to type words, commands and other information; and you use the mouse to click on particular objects and to make selections.

The web is an information delivery system.  You can use the web to look at many different types of information and to access a variety of services.  Like all internet resources, the web is based on a client/server system.  You use a client program, called a browser, to access the information on web servers ( of which there are millions around the world).  The two most widely used browsers are Internet Explorer (from Microsoft ) and Netscape.

Information on the web is organized into web pages (although they are not real pages like in a book).  A website is a collection of related web pages.

Web pages can contain all types of information including text (characters, graphics, pictures and photographs) and multimedia (animation, video and sounds).  The defining characteristics of web pages are that they can contain links to other pages or resources.  This type of information is called hypertext.

As you read a web page, you will see the links.  If you click on a link using mouse, your browser will fetch and display the web pages to which that link points.

Excerpt from a Project Study  for Annual Website prepared by Mamalateo, Hipolito and Equiban.