Sample Purpose, Scope and Objective of the Project

Purpose of the Project

This study gives us an opportunity to have our Comp Sci Web page seen in the internet, to have our files shown through out the world.  The study also helps us boost our economy by letting people know that we can catch up with the advancing world.  It is a way of updating ourselves and enjoying the blessings that this new technology gives us.  We can upgrade our knowledge by being exposed in the world of computer and letting us know how to explore the internet and other computer aspects.  And the best significance of this study is that it makes life easier and lighten our burden.

Scope of the Project

The study is focused mainly on the designing of webpages, particularly a Computer Science WebPages, particularly a Computer Science WebPage where you can find information about the graduating students with the scanning and editing of his pictures.  This would include some features and activities that the ACSS had during the school year.  The scope will include a project in actual Internet making to enable actual testing to make sure of the preciseness of the project’s application.

Objectives of the Project

General Objective

To create and develop a system that will immediately access the information about the graduating students or the yearbook thru Website.

Specific Objectives

–    To construct and code programs that will access a yearbook
–    To test and debug the designed system