Statement of the Hypothesis

The general hypothesis is the CompSci WebPage in the Internet will be more beneficial for future usage.  It would help a lot actually, including the ease of finding your co-alumni wherever they may be.

1.    The CompSci WebPage in the Internet is definitely better.

2.    The CompSci WebPage in the Internet is applicable to all students as subscribing in the Internet iseasy.

3.    Advantages:
a.)    Relatives of the students could see this WebPage wherever they may be without the difficulty of sending for a Yearbook.
b.)    You may produce as many copies as you want by just simply downloading from the Internet.

a.)    You need computer with Internet access to view this WebPage.
b.)    You should know the basics about the Internet, especially surfing.

4.    With this WebPage, we can say that we are not left behind in the flow of technology and we can catch up with other countries.

5.    The cost of this project may be a bit higher than the usual yearbook comparing it t a single Yearbook, but if we compare it with all the Yearbooks that have been sold per batch, it is definitely cheaper.

Excerpt from Annual Website Project by Romalyn Mamalateo, Sheryll Hipolio, Mary Jane Edquiban