Parts of the Research Paper

–  Contains that brief discussion of the background and objectives of the problem, statement of the problem, short discussion of research design as well as  findings, conclusion and recommendations.

Title Page

– Composes of title of the research, full name of the researcher, the subject for which the research is presented.  Also, it includes the college and department of the institution to which the research is presented and the month and year in which the research is submitted.

– Mention the people who guided in the completion of the research.

Table of Contents
– Lists the chapter headings of the research such as the preliminaries, chapter number, chapter titles and page citations, sub-headings of main headings, bibliography, appendix(ces) with corresponding page.

List of Tables
– Demonstrate the presentation of the captions of the tables with the number of tables, caption of titles and pages in the research where the table is located.

List of Figures and Illustrations
– Includes graphs, charts and other illustrations used in the research.  It shows the numbers of figures and illustration, captions or title, and pages in the research where the figures/illustrations appear.

– Background of the study, statement of the problem, statement of the hypothesis, theoretical and conceptual framework, definition of terms, importance of the study and scope and delimitation of the study are included in the introduction.

Review of Related Literature
– Presents what has and has not been researched on the problem by explaining the basis of the theoretical framework.

– Presents the procedures in data gathering such as the design of the study, variables and measures, sources of data, instrumentation, procedure, and treatment of research and data.

Presentation, Analysis and Interpretation of Data
– Presentation and analysis of data as well the interpretation are included in this section.

Summary, Conclusions and Recommendations
– Summarizes findings to answer the research questions.  Also, include conclusions or generalizations from the collected data as well as the recommendation  and implications for further research and policy implementation