Research Paper Outline

Research paper has four main parts such as introduction, methodology, body and conclusion. Headings and subheadings are denoted by Roman numerals and capital letters respectively.

Introduction is the first heading in an outline for a research paper.  This contains the details and basic information in the research paper.  It should highlight the different areas of the research paper or thesis. It also defines the rationale behind the work.  It also includes the background, importance, limitations as well as assumptions. In addition, introduction should connect the methodology to the framework used to solve the problem.

Methodology has the information on how the research is conducted.  It also describes the analysis and methods used to achieve the results in the research paper.  It explains the way the thesis or research was analyzed as well as the sources of information.

The body of the research paper contains the explanation of all the ideas.  It presents all the arguments to support the thesis statement.  All arguments should be included and the strongest arguments should be the final point.

The last part of your research paper is the conclusion.  It includes the summary of all covered in the research paper such as all the arguments.