Simple Tips in Choosing Research Topics

  1. Choose a subject that interests you but from which you can still learn much.
  2. Choose a subject that is not broad.
  3. Choose a subject not too difficult, one for which you can find materials from popular magazines or books aimed at general reading.
  4. Choose a subject that has some interest for the average reader.

Once you have settled upon a subject, you are now ready to gather materials.  Begin by defining the specific problem with which you wish to deal. Select only materials related specifically to your problem.

The sources of materials are the following: observation or experience, interview, library and special bulletin and reports.

If your source of materials is books, you will need to take note the following: the author or editor, title of the book, place of publication, publisher, date of publication, and call number. If you use magazines as source of material, you will need to the author and title of the article, name of magazines or newspaper, volume number, date of issue, and page number.