Variables: Types and Characteristics

Variable is a quantity or a characteristic that has or more mutually exclusive values or properties of objects or people that can be classified, measured or labeled in different ways.

Types of Variables

  1. Discrete Variable – only a finite or potentially countable set of values.
  2. Continuous Variable – an infinite set of values between any two levels of the variables.  They are result of measurement.
  3. Independent Variable – a stimulus variable which is chosen by the researcher to determine its relationship to an observed phenomena.
  4. Dependent Variable – a response variable which is observed and measured to determine the effect of the independent variable.
  5. Moderate Variable – a secondary or special type of independent variable chosen by the researcher to ascertain if it alters or modifies.
  6. Control Variable – a variable controlled by the research in which the effects can be neutralized by removing the variable.
  7. Intervening Variable – a variable which interferes with the independent and dependent variables, but its effects can either strengthen or weaken the independent and dependent variables.

Characteristics of Variable

1.    Capable of assuming several values representing a certain category.
2.    Values that may arise from counting and or from measurement.
3.    Raw data or figures gathered by a research for statistical purposes.
4.    Predicted values of one variable on the basis of another
5.    Observable characteristic of a person or objects being studied.