Writing the First Draft

After having carefully selected and limited your topic, and determined your purpose, audience, language, tone and point of view, your next step is the writing of a first or preliminary draft.

Write this draft rather quickly, without pausing or stopping over details so as not to allow anything to interrupt your thought flow.  Put down everything you know about your topic and write as quickly as you can even if you are not sure of what to say.  Do not try to write and edit at the same time.  The important thing is that you first get all your thoughts down on paper. During draft writing, forget about the spelling grammar and other issues instead focus on any idea that may later be incorporated with the final draft. It is a mental process that takes place before put it on writing.

Writing of the draft is the second stage in the process of writing.  This tentative or first draft will by no means be a final one.  First draft will be the basis of your writing.  It is important to write a draft before writing the final copy of your writing because this will allow you do editing and revising as well as catching any mistakes you might not have caught if only writing a one copy.