Thesis Problem Statement

A good problem statement is answering a question about the issue you would like to research or explore. Your task is to know what question you would like to answer.  It involves a topic selection.

To write a problem statement, it is important to create and set up a thesis statement.  Identifying your thesis statement is one way of creating your problem statement.  Also, as part of problem statement, you must identify several solutions to the problem. These solutions are presented after the problem has been identified.

Once the problem is identified, several solutions are ready to be presented. Make your problem statement more informative by addressing the who, where, when, why and how.  Now you can create the conclusion by restating the problem and main ideas that you are trying to address.

It is necessary to brainstorm to come up with a problem statement so that your topic will become specific. Avoid writing multiple problems or broad topic because it can lead to unsuccessful thesis and vague documents.

Thesis statement should state exactly what your research will be all about to keep your topic manageable. Your thesis statement needs to have a concise conclusion. Also, it is a point of discussion in the entire document.