Sample Research Study Summary

This study aims to investigate the flood control programs in two congressional districts in Manila and their implications on the community-based education program.

Specifically, the study sought to answer the following problems:

  1. What is the status of government flood control projects in the congressional districts of Tondo and Sta. Cruz, Manila in terms of the Department of Public Works and Highways-implemented projects?
  2. How do the parents, teachers and schoolchildren in the districts of Tondo and Sta. Cruz, Manila assess the flood situation in their places in terms of their causes and their occurrences?
  3. How can the schools in the area help in promoting flood control campaign?
  4. How significant are the differences in response and assessment of the three groups of respondents to the rate of flood occurrence?

The hypothesis tested by the study was that there were no significant differences in the assessments of the three groups of respondents on the flood situations and the promotion of the flood control campaign.

The respondents of the study consisted of three groups: 319 students from the first sections of the elementary and high schools in the two districts; 56 teachers who were the elementary and secondary advisers and subject teachers of the students; and 139 parents of the students.

The study made use of the descriptive method using survey questionnaire and documentary analysis technique to interpret the results.  The survey questionnaire which served as the main instrument was validated and pretested to ascertain the conditions according to the purpose of the study.