Writing a Thesis Conclusion

One of the important parts of your thesis is conclusion. Conclusion serves as generalization of your thesis.

The following are some characteristic of thesis conclusions.

  • Conclusion should concise, brief and short yet express all the necessary information resulting from the study as required by the specific questions.
  • The question raised at the investigation should be properly answered by the conclusion.
  • Conclusion should indicate what were learned from the inquiry. On the other hand, it should not be drawn from the implied or indirect effects of the findings.
  • Conclusion should not be the duplications of any statements anywhere in the thesis. It can be summarized but it is necessary to worded differently and express the same information as the statements review
  • The use of qualifiers including as probably, perhaps, may be, and the like should be avoided as much as possible so that reader may not feel that the researcher has some doubts about their validity and reliability.  It should be written as they are 100% true and correct.
  • Conclusion should refer only to the population, area or subject of the study.
  • Conclusion should be based upon the findings. There is no conclusions are not based upon the findings. It should be logical and valid outgrowths of the findings.

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