Choosing a Thesis Topic

One of the hardest parts is choosing your thesis topic.  Some spending months even years on this research project because they did know the how to choose a great topic. Choosing a right and meaningful dissertation or thesis topic is a difficult decision to make.

Here are some guidelines to consider when choosing a dissertation or thesis topic:

  • Broaden your thinking. Identify different research project and build ideas.  Write down ideas so that you will have the time to re-scan ideas and modify ideas that you will have the feeling of not going anywhere.
  • Choose the topic that you are interested. As much as possible, choose a topic that you love.  You will spend so much time for your research project so it is necessary that you will enjoy what you are doing.  Try not influenced by others into writing about a certain topic.
  • Be realistic in choosing topic. Don’t think that your research will draw international attention to you.  Always consider the fact that you are fulfilling an academic requirement and the idea and the whole research project should be a learning experience to you.
  • Pick a topic that is related to your field. Find a topic that will be helpful in your field.
  • Select topic that your adviser finds interesting and is knowledgeable about. But also it is possible to change your advisor than changing your topic.
  • Find a topic that you already have some expertise. This is not a time to explore a brand new area.
  • Select a unique topic. Make sure that your topic has not been done before. Pick an idea that stands out which are original and innovative.
  • Choose a manageable topic. Your adviser will help you limit your topic.