Good Thesis Characteristics

Thesis is asserting what you believe and you may have to prove it. It is an explanation of theory or statement that represents your opinion and what you want is to prove it.  Your point of view or opinion should prove your point in an acceptable manner. There are no set rules for good thesis however your thesis must prove its points.

Some Thesis Writing Characteristics

  • It should present a valid argument. You should always propose a valid arguable point and be able to justify it.
  • It expresses only one idea.
  • It clearly declares your own conclusion based on evidence.
  • It should not vague generalization and vague language.
  • Thesis should not useless points because it will only make your thesis difficult to understand.
  • It should guide your readers to the conclusion instead of confusing them.
  • You should avoid using the first person such as “I believe”, “In my opinion”.