Guidelines to Thesis Title

One of the critical parts in thesis writing is the proper way of writing a title.  There are some rules applied in writing the title.

The following are some guidelines in writing the title

  1. The title should be clear and distinctively stated.
  2. Subject matter of the study, the place of the study, the population involved, the period when the data were gathered should be included.
  3. The variables being examined should always be written as part of the title.  Choose terms that will summarize the variables if there were many variable being studied.
  4. Title should be short.  It should not exceed twenty words.
  5. Title should not contain acronyms.
  6. Some forms of title phrasing such as “Study of…..”, An analysis….”, “A Preliminary Study of……..” are to be avoided.
  7. Title should not contain formulas, symbols or subscripts or other non-alphabetic symbols instead word substitute should be used.
  8. In case the title contains more than one line, it should be written like an inverted pyramid, all words in capital letters.