How Long Does it Take to Write a Thesis

A school or university gives at least one complete term for writing the thesis. Thesis requires complete time for researching, organizing, analyzing, and computing data.  Writing a thesis is easy if you know how to do it.  Some takes one year or two terms in order to complete the thesis.  Thesis written to identified a worthwhile problem or question which is not previously answered and you have to solve d the problem or answer the question.   Then provide evidence or proof for your answer by researching and analyzing this information.  Also, it should be original contribution to knowledge.

Writing thesis requires hard work and patient so it is important that your thesis topic is interesting to you so that it may not be bored.  If you are always excited about your topic, your thesis will be completed in no time.  Always remember that a rush job has a painful consequences at the defense.

Your thesis should be also organized so that you can easily manage everything.  You can start writing an outline so that you will know all section or chapter of your thesis.  Thesis outline can be divided into three (3) parts such as introduction, arguments, and conclusion. You can write your thesis statement under introduction section while future research and summary can be included in the conclusion section.

There are different format for your thesis outline but of course just ask your mentor about it so that He can give advice regarding different formats.