How to Choose a Thesis Topic

When your instructor or professor told you should make a thesis as requirement, you always wonder what would be the best thesis topic.  Remember that to make your thesis writing is interesting and enjoyable, it should be based on the right choose.

The following are some tips to choose a thesis topic

  • It should be based on your researcher’s interest to avoid the boredom of researching and writing.
  • Field of the specialization of the researcher in order for him to work easier and will improve skills and competence of his profession.
  • Skills of the researcher to make to easy for him solve whatever problem may come his way.
  • Budget for the thesis.  It should clearly know the exact budget for the whole thesis to be able to finance by the researcher.
  • Thesis topic should be the personal choice of the researcher to avoid blaming someone or make excuses if any obstacle will encounter.
  • It should be manageable in such a way that there is available data, equipment, instruments for research and have positive and reliable results.
  • Thesis topic should be within in a period of time.  It should be completed with the given period of time.
  • It should be related to present time.  To arouse reader’s interest, thesis topic should be relevant to present situation.
  • It should improve quality of life.