How to Finish your Thesis

Most students will have a hard time of finishing their thesis. At first, they are very excited writing and began thinking of their favorite topic but after few weeks the excitement has gone. It takes perseverance in order to finish your thesis on time. Here are some reasons of not finishing your thesis:

1. There is no deadlines.

Solution: Break down the task and provides deadlines for each task. You can make a timetable and make sure to follows schedules.

2. Thesis work may be overwhelming

Solution: To avoid overwhelming of task, divide the project into small and manageable units.

3. Overpowered by negative thoughts

Solution: Do not entertain negative thoughts and feelings. Always focus on your work.

The following are some tips to finish your thesis:

1. Follow requirements of your institution.
You should know the requirements before starting to write a thesis including the format of cover page, spacing, pages, etc.

2. Set small goals.
Always take small steps on doing your thesis task and break down to small do-able steps.

3. Treat your thesis task as your job
Have regular schedule for your thesis. Even if you are not productive, at least it will not be a waste of time lying on the bed.

4. Have space for you thesis work
It does not mean that you should have an office or room for you to do your thesis. It simply means go to the place where you are going to work and go there. It might be a coffee shop and make a slice of cake and a zip of coffee while working.

5. Always set your goals.
Setting goals is one way to motivate yourself.

6. Have enough sleep and eat properly.
Without enough sleep you cannot be productive and eating properly gives you a fuel needed to aid your studying. Healthy body – healthy mind.

7. Treat yourself.
It does not mean to have shopping everytime you finish a section for your thesis. Treating yourself means a glass of wine, a slice of cake, listening to favorite music, delicious meal, etc.