How to Prepare Thesis Statement

Thesis statement states what you believe and what you intend to prove.  It presents the main idea of the research paper. In preparing thesis statement, make sure to draft the thesis statement in three sentences or longer and have enough fats, examples, details or reasons to support your statement.  Your thesis sentence is included in the introduction of your research paper.

According to Lester, 1994, there are specific methods in developing a thesis statement:

1.    Stating an argument for or against an issue,
2.    Offering advice or giving directions,
3.    Suggesting consequences,
4.    Giving instructions,
5.    Offering personal judgment, and
6.    Making an interpretation

In the research process, after data have been treated statistically and presented in tables, the researchers must be able to analyze and interpret the meaning of the processed data.  You should be able to give the meaning of these data, their implications to the field in which the research was conducted and to the people involved as the subjects of the research being conducted.