How to Select a Research Method

After the research problem has been defined, the next step would be to determine and select the method of research to be used.  There are number of considerations in the process of selecting the method of research.

  • The method of research should be logically sound.  It must have well-ordered processes of thinking.
  • Research method should be adequate for the solution of the problem.
  • The researcher should see to it that the research is free from specific weaknesses in research methodology.
  • The chosen research method should be adequately explained. The explanation must be precise, not ambiguous; clear and sharp.
  • The researcher should have reasons for the selection of research method, and these reasons must be clear and precise.

In selecting a research method, the researcher should think through the research problem carefully, analyze critically the adequacy and effectiveness of the method, and take into account the nature of the problem and the purposes of the study