Some Thesis Writing Tips

In order to write a thesis, it entails a lot of perseverance, discipline and determination.  You should set a date when to start your research and when to stop doing a research. Having a timetable will help you focus on some task that will add value to your thesis.

The ideal completion deadline for your thesis is at least three months after your start date.  Also, it is necessary to have a deadline for each chapter for instance two weeks for each chapter.  You should already have an idea what will be the content and title of each chapter. You can break your writing task into small sections. Aim to have 500 words everyday.  You can beat and achieve your target everyday and soon adds up.  Always plan your progress and keep track of your activities through calendar.

You should have a comfortable environment free from distraction.  You can work on home since it may have few distraction than in your office.  You can write early in the day as possible. During the night, prepare your next goal for the next day. You can also change your working environment because sometimes working for the same place for so long can make yourself too comfortable.  You can try to the café or library where there are others who are working.

Take a break for sometime while working. You can drink a cup of tea and stretch your legs.  Always be nice to yourself, eat and sleep well and socialize.