Steps in Writing a Thesis

thesis-writingA thesis is the final requirement in order to graduate either in masteral or doctoral degree.  It is a final project before gaining masteral degree or doctoral degree. A thesis is not simply a research paper, it a document that you need something to prove using the facts from your research. A thesis can be an statement or arguable.

Here are the following steps to make a winning thesis:

  1. Choose the right topic for your thesis.  What problem are you going to tackle? Is this problem has a solution and have enough resources. Brainstorm and choose a topic that will be valuable, unique and reasonable. It should not be too complex topic, make sure to narrow down your topic.
  2. Make time for research time. Find the right resources for your thesis topic and as possible make timeline and stay committed to it.
  3. Organize your resources. It is necessary to take note so that you won’t confused in the end.
  4. Make an outline. This will be the preliminary outline for your actual thesis.
  5. Proofread and edit your thesis. Make sure to proofread your thesis for possible errors such as spelling or grammar.
  6. Get feedback. You can ask and get feedback from your trusted friends or colleagues. You may get their opinions, suggestions as well as the possible weak points.