Thesis Mistakes

These are some list of common thesis mistakes to be used as guidelines to your thesis writing.

  • Fails to identify clearly the focus of the research. The problem being addressing should be identified exactly through the abstract and introduction section of the thesis since readers need to know what are the thesis is all about.
  • Incorrect chapter content. Most thesis writers are confused of what they should write in different chapters of a thesis or dissertation. Make sure to consult your advisor as often as possible.
  • Thesis plagiarism. Plagiarism is unavoidable while writing your thesis. So, it is necessary to format and cite the parts copied out.
  • Method(s) used is not clearly identified to solve the question addressed in the research. Justify the reason why choose that method.
  • Thesis assumptions are not properly defended. Thesis writer should explain the reason for the assumption.
  • Literature reviews are not clearly related with the work of others. Thesis should always be clear which parts refer to your own research findings.
  • Not properly organized such as the main points and evidence. It is important to create thesis outline to organize thoughts.
  • Punctuation error in references. The works cited page is prepared incorrectly such as the article name, author, publication date, journal and page number are not written properly.
  • Failure to do a thesis proofreading. It is best to ask someone’s help with proofreading.  It is a vital part of making thesis great. Make sure that the correct grammar, spelling and punctuation have been used. Also, thesis should be proofread several times to make sure that the correct spelling, grammar and punctuation has been used.

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