Thesis or Dissertation Evaluation

Every thesis or dissertation is required to be defended before a panel or examiners and submitted to the proper authorities for acceptance which serve as a piece of scholarly work.

The following are some factors to be considered in judging the value of your thesis or dissertation

–    Subject and Problem

The subject should be significant, timely and or current issues. The title should be appropriate for the subject.  Sub-problems should be specific and clear.  Also, the subject should be clearly delimited but big enough for making valid generalizations.

–    Design of the Study

The research methodology used should be appropriate. The report prepared. The design should be understandable in accordance with the scientific method of research.   The report or document prepared should be carefully follows acceptable format.

–    Findings (Data)

Data should be adequate, reliable or valid.  Findings or data should be analyzed correctly and properly treated statistically as well as interpreted suitably.

–    Generalizations or Conclusions

The conclusions should be based upon the findings.  Outcomes of the study should be reasonable and valid.

–    Recommendations

Recommendation should be attainable and feasible as well as action oriented.

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  1. Hi, I just come across your site now. kudos for the good jobs you are doing. Kindly assist me in the formulation of a Theoretocal framework for my thesis titled, ‘Ngieria’s Foreign Policy in the 21st century and the emerging New International Order.” I want to write on how the government can improve the living standard of the people, that is, “Citizenship and Economic Diplomacy”.
    I will eagerly await your response. thanks.

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