Writing Thesis Introduction

Introduction is one of the most important parts of thesis.  That’s why you should pay attention to it if you want your work to be noticed.  Your thesis introduction should arouse interest to your reader.

Thesis introduction is a 2 to 3 pages discussion and should not exceed to 3 to 5 pages. Also the language of your introduction does not have to be complicated.

Of course, you don’t need to tell everything but it should enable your readers to see at a glance the entire contents of your research work. Thesis introduction may be composed of three paragraphs.

The first paragraph of your thesis introduction should provide your readers a mental warm-up, hence giving them information and readiness as to what the research is all about.  It should introduce the study and justify the problem.

The second paragraph stated the statement of the problem, the scope and coverage of the study and the purpose of the study.

The third or last paragraph is a sort of closing portion that is intriguing and challenging your readers to become interested in knowing the results of the study.

Thesis introduction plays very important role in the life of your project so it is important to give so much attention in writing your introduction.  If your thesis introduction fails to perform its function, the life of your project is under threat.