Main Body of the Report

The main body of your thesis or dissertation is divided into five sections such as Introduction, Review of Related Literature, Design of the Study, Presentation and Analysis of Data and Summary, Conclusions and Recommendations


It gives the rationale of the project as well as the importance of the project. Theoretical framework is also included in the introduction section

Review of Related Literature

It includes the summary of studies as well as the literature both local and foreign which were consulted in the conduct of the study.

Design of the Study

It provides methodology in which includes research design, respondents, sampling procedure, instruments used and procedure.

Presentation and Analysis of Data and Summary

It provides a brief summary of the principal findings. Also, interpretation of the data collected is included.  Readers should the results that the researchers found out.

Summary, Conclusions and Recommendation

It sums up the entire study including the short description of the problem, methodology, findings, conclusions and recommendations. The researcher should point out the aspect of the study that needs further improvement.

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