Thesis Proposal Components

A thesis proposal is a document written to identify a research problem and needed resources and gives preliminary view of existing research on the problem. Also, it includes the schedule for the research as well as the writing process.

It is written if there is a need for a research to contribute something to the field.The following are the components of Thesis Proposal.

  • Background

It should provide information such as the importance of your work and identify other work has been done on the problem as well as the issues that concern to the research you are proposing.

  • Problem Statement and Methods to be Used

It states your problem in two or three sentences. Explain other methods were considered and why your method is more effective and appropriate.  Gives the criteria you are using to measure your success.

  • Theoretical Background.

It contains a published literature related to your thesis proposal or books and reports that relevant to the problem being solved.

  • Procedure

It provides the approach or methods to be used in order to solve problem.

  • Materials to be used

It contains the materials, instruments, facilities, and financial support to carry the research.

  • Project Schedule and Breakdown

It provides the task breakdown and the schedule of your work

  • Bibliography

It contains the list of publication used in the research


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Thesis Proposal Outline

Thesis proposal is written to solve a problem and describe the solution to this problem and explain the type of research being used. It should be well written and well research.

Thesis stthesis proposal outlineructure will slightly vary depending on the subject matter of the thesis and the area of the study. Below is an example of Thesis Proposal Outline:


  • Title Page – It is the first page of your thesis which contains the lay out of what the thesis is all about with school you are representing, your mentors and your course. It has specific layout with signed by the mentors/
  • Abstract – This section should be very short with no more than 200 words but it should provides key statement to the thesis with brief introduction, summary that address the issue and possible implications of the work. It contains the brief summary on what was studied as well as findings of the study.
  • Table of Contents – It contains the outline of your thesis proposal with the corresponding page number. It is not required if your thesis proposal is only two pages long.
  • Introduction – It should capture the reader’s interest by including useful information.
  • Thesis Statement – It states the thesis and clarifies the hypothesis or theory that you want to prove with the thesis. It will give the reader to understand the scope of your overall thesis paper.
  • Methodology – It provides everything you did to attain your conclusion or hypothesis. It contains the approach such as the procedures you used. It includes the calculations, equipment, graphs and other information.
  • Results and Discussion – It presents the results that come up and draw up conclusion in connection to the research you have done. It includes both negative and positive findings. It contains your observation and interpretations of the results and how you interpret your findings. You have to detail some of preliminary findings.
  • Time Table – It discuss here the activities to do until your thesis project is complete. You can use a table to list the stages or steps including any deadlines as well as the challenges you face.
  • Implication of Research – It includes any new knowledge that comes up as well as any implication or problems find during the research.
  • Bibliography – It provides the list of references and citations through the work.

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Components of Thesis Proposal

Thesis proposal is written by a student who is working on a masters or doctoral degree to be presented and carefully reviewed by a committee to determine if the subject is appropriate or suitable and relevant to the field of study.  If your thesis proposal does not approve by the committee because they see that it does not have any value in the chosen topic, you will have to do other thesis proposal.  So, thesis proposal is one of the important parts of a dissertation or thesis.

If you want to have a successful thesis proposal, you should outline your thesis topic, discuss the issues the paper will address and explains why the topic deserves further research.  Identify a specific problem and offer a detailed solution for that problem.

Here are some basic components of your thesis proposal

  • Title Page. Short and descriptive title of the proposed thesis project as well as the author, research mentor and date of delivery.
  • Abstract. A brief summary of your thesis proposal and it should not excess more than 200 words.
  • Table of Contents. List of headings and subheadings with page numbers.
  • Introduction. Background of your study and should capture reader’s interest.
  • Thesis statement. State your thesis.  It can be in the form of a hypothesis, research question, project statement or goal statement.
  • Approach or Methods. Describe the methods to be used and contains description of your approach, materials and procedures as well as calculation and techniques.
  • Preliminary results and discussion. Discuss the results of your study.
  • Work plan. Time table of your project such as the indicating deadlines and the work already completed.
  • Implication of research. New knowledge will likely to produce.
  • List of reference.  Cite all references used.

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