Example of Topic Outline

Kinds of Outline

1.    Topic Outline is consists of short phrases or singe word arranged.  It is most likely useful for short documents including letters, emails or memos.

2.    Sentence Outline is composed of a complete sentence.

3.    Paragraph Outline is arranged by paragraph.

Topic Outline Example

I. Introduction

A. Flies, mosquitoes, and rats as the vehicles of infection for ten widespread diseases

1. Flies
a. Mechanical transmission of disease
b. Intestinal diseases they transmit
(1) Typhoid
(2) Paratyphoid
(3) Dysentery
(4) Cholera
(5) Hookworm

2. Mosquitoes
a. Transmission of disease by biting
b. Diseases they transmit
(1) Malaria
(2) Yellow fever
(3) Dengue

3. Rats
a. Transmission of disease through harboring fleas
b. Disease they transmit
(1) Plague
(2) Typhus

B. Stopping the spread of these diseases by breaking the cycle of transmission

1. Removing or destroying the breeding places of insects and rodents
2. Killing the adult insects and rodents

II. Breeding control

A. Introduction

B. Flies
1. Breeding habits

2. Control measures
a. Sewage disposal
b. Removal of manure
(1) Time limit
(2) Storage bins
(3) Compression
c. Destruction of all decaying organic matter

C. Mosquitoes
1. Difference from flies
a. Greater difficulty in control of breeding places
b. Small percentage that carries disease

2. Disease-transmitting mosquitoes
a. Female Aedes aegypti
(1) Transmission of yellow fever and dengue
(2) Breeding in clean water in artificial containers
b. Anopheles quadrineculatus
(1) Transmission of malaria in southern United States
(2) Habit of biting at night
(a) Preference for stationary water
(b) Protection afforded by vegetation and floating matter

3. Control measures
a. Removing water
b. Spreading oil on stationary water

D. Rats
1. Lack of direct ways to control breeding of rats or their fleas
2. Prevention of breeding in specific areas
a. Building rat-resistant houses
b. Keeping rats from food