Journal Writing as Topic Generating Device

Let us define what is journal; it is a written record of your thoughts over an indefinite period of time.  To keep journal, you must write as often as you can, paragraph a day, at the very least, schedule journal writing at about the same time everyday, preferably just before getting into bed, so that it becomes a habit and finally, keep all entries in a notebook rather than on loose sheets in order to avoid losing them.

Don’t waste your time by recording your daily activities as if you were writing a diary.  The diary is a record of your daily events while journal is a record of your response to life experiences and events. Journal is use to record thought and ideas such as think of some interesting point brought up in History or Theology or other classes; comment on your other subjects in school; describe your professors and your friends.

Journal writing is a technique is can be used as topic generating devices because it can be used to generate ideas for your paragraphs and later on, for longer compositions.  It can be helpful at any point during the writing process, whether you are writing a paragraph or essay.