Sample Research Methodology

Research Design

1. Food Dehydration

The method to be applied in this study is in the category of experimental type of research to discuss the cause and effect relationship of a treatment on a variable. Likewise, procedural steps to be used in the laboratory experiments to be conducted in the integrated subject will be incorporated in the manual for food dehydration. The study will employ library research, data from BPRE, CLSU and DepEd and the internet as tools in the development of the course outline.

2. Approach

The research study on the proposed integrated subject’s manual for laboratory use in the school will involve three (3) aspects:
2.1. theoretical study and modeling;
2.2. design simulation and mathematical modeling;
2.3. proposed design and fabrication of a modular dehydrator;
2.4. preparation of food to be dehydrated.
The proposed course framework for the basic secondary education Makabayan subject under the Teknolohiya, Edukasyong Panatahanan at Pangkabuhayan or formerly Technology and Home Economics.

Course Title: Food Dehydration
Major Concepts/Contents:

Food dehydration will provide students the opportunity to apply scientific principles and methods with common fruits and vegetables. The subject focuses on food preservation by means of the dehydration process in addition to related consumer topics. Activities and experiments integrate science, mathematics and language arts. Students develop writing and critical reasoning skills through the process of analyzing and reporting scientific data collected during experiments. The subject outline explores a career in marketing and process management opportunities in food dehydration.

Work-based Learning Activities:

It is recommended that the school and the students select a work environment for observation, volunteering or actual work experience depending on available opportunities.

Content Standards:
After successfully completing the subject outline, the students will be able to:
a)    explore the world of food dehydration as a science
b)    demonstrate the processes involved
c)    explore a career in food dehydration and allied processes
Suggested Scope and Sequence
A. Introduction to Food dehydration
1. What is food Dehydration?
2. Scientific evaluation
2.1. Laboratory equipment
2.2. Laboratory experiments
2.3. Scientific reports
3. Dehydration Process
3.1. Purposes of Dehydration
3.2. Preparation for dehydration
3.3. Methods of dehydration
4. Metal and Wood working
4.1. Materials applicable in the fabrication of a modular dehydrator
4.2. Tools and accessories
4.3. Steps in fabrication
4.4. Testing the finish product for its efficacy
4.5. Dehydration of selected foods for the experimental phase

5. Writing the scientific report of the experiment outcomes

6. Fundamentals in Management systems of small scale food dehydration enterprise and economic study of material resources and operations dynamics.