Thesis Writing Preparation

Schools or Colleges provides thesis guidelines and requirement for their students so it is important to prepare for these guidelines so that your thesis is passed in their specification.

Thesis writing preparation will be used to know if you are ready to submit your thesis.  It is a complete waste of time if you create a thesis that is not qualified to your colleges.

First of all, you must get a checklist for the college’s requirement for the thesis writing course. Make sure to get the necessary document before your thesis writing such as thesis proposal approval form, thesis title page form, thesis defense form, thesis signature and approval page, thesis table of contents, thesis formats, and many more that your school will required.  Also, list the required page format including the pagination, spacing and alignment.

There are always rules and guidelines to consider when writing thesis based on your school requirement, so better check everything.  School has instruction on how to submit your thesis and how your thesis will look like including thesis components and elements.

Some common errors in your thesis are incorrect margins, cover page wrong format, page number errors, text alignment and spacing.

To avoid mistakes, always check the paper, margin, typing, page numbering, text, table and illustration and references format requirements.