Parts of the Project Study

Project study is used to convince the reader or audience that the project being studied is the best and most beneficial, efficient and economical in all aspects.  Of course, your project study should be based on feasibility study conducted in order to become more effective. The following are some parts of project study.

I.    Title Page
II.    Letter of Transmittal
III.    Introduction
IV.    Related Literature
V.    Methodology
VI.    Discussion of Results and Findings
VII.    Conclusion
VIII.    Recommendation
IX.    Appendix
X.    References

Other Parts

1.    Preliminaries
2.    The Problem and Its Background
3.    Review of Relate Literature and Studies
4.    Method of Study and Sources of Data
5.    Presentation, Analysis and Interpretation of Data
6.    Summary, Conclusions and Recommendatins
7.    Bibliography
8.    Appedices