Sequence of a Research Report

According to Technical Writing and Reporting by Igoy, Saymo and Esperon, research report is a careful, systematic, methodical and objective inquiry that leads to the development of generalization and theories.  To present the result of the experiment or study, a scientific writing called the research report should be made.

The following are the sequence of a Research Report.  This outline follows the usual sequence in research reports.

A.    Preliminary Section or Front Matter
1.    Title Page
2.    Acknowlegement (if any)
3.    Table of Contents
4.    List of Tables (if any)
5.    List of Figures (if any)

B.    Main Body of the Report
1.    Introduction
a.    Statement of the Problem – specific questions to be answered- hypothesis tested
b.    Significance of the Problem
c.    Purposes of the Study
d.    Assumptions, Limitations and Delimitations
e.    Definition of Important Terms

2.    Review of Related Literature or Analysis of Previous Research

3.    Design of the Study
a.    Procedures Used
b.    Sources of Data
c.    Methods of Gathering Data
d.    Description of Data-gathering Instruments Used

4.    Presentation and Analysis of Data
a.    Text
b.    Table
c.    Figures

5.    Summary, Conclusions and Recommendations
a.    Restatement of the Problem
b.    Description of Procedures Used
c.    Principal Findings and Conclusions
d.    Recommendation for Further Research

C.    Reference Section
1.    Bibliography
2.    Appendix