Sample Methodology and Design


The major processes involved in Annual Website, namely opening Home page, reading on what’s new, accessing the CS Bits Page, information about our college, and accessing links such as Opening Home Page, Read on What’s New, Access the CS Bits Page, Access the Information about college, Access the links.

In the first process (opening the home page), you can avail with the following pages: What’s new, CS Bits Page, about our College, and links.  Upon opening, there you can see a banner displaying “Welcome to CompSci Website”.

In the second process (read on what’s new), the procedure is very simple.  You have one option, just to click on CompSci activities and there you go, you can see their activities covered by that school year.
In the third process (accessing the CS Bits Page), you can avail in the following pages: CompSci Faculty, CompSci Curriculum, ACSS Dept., and 2001 CompSci Graduates.

In the fourth process (accessing information about BHMC), it only display the information about our college.
In the last process (accessing on links), you can link to different sites like in the field of sports, entertainment / television and news and technology.

Materials Uses

–    Pentium III Personal Computer
–    At least 64Mb Hard Disk
–    HP Deskjet 8140C Printer

–    Microsoft FrontPage for System Integration
–    Corel Draw 8 for System Integration
–    Internet Explorer as the Application Software