Brainstorming is a most common and popular as well as time-tested means to explore the mind for ideas and an invaluable aid in discovering topics for writing. It is one method to choose a right topic for your writing.  It is an effective technique to generate lots of ideas for the specific issue to determine the best idea and it should be performed in the relaxed environment. Everyone brainstorms before start writing to get more ideas in their writing.

Prepare a blank page and start at the top and write down as many words and phrases that come to mind to begin brainstorming. After a given amount of time, let say 5 to 15 minutes, stop and go over the list and select the subject that appeals to you the most. The topic you will be chosen should be dictated by your personal interest, background and knowledge.  Always remember to select what you are most comfortable with and what feel most about and what you know best.

After choosing the topic, you will begin your pre-writing. Have fun!