Finding a Research Topic

One of the most difficult tasks in Technical Writing subject is finding a topic for your research paper.  At first, you are excited for your research because you choose a topic that is popular but after a few days, you will change another topic because although this topic is popular, you can’t find enough information and data for your research. It is totally a wasted of time and effort so make sure that your topic is interest you.

Always remember that to select a topic; it should something that interests you personally so that you can project some enthusiasm and emotion in your writing.  Also, you should be knowledgeable about your topic so that you can have something worthwhile to say to your readers.

Your experiences, family, ambitions, goals and dreams are the best source of topic.  And if there are topics outside yourself that you may find interesting but which you are not confident enough to discuss, you will have to make an effort to gather information by interviewing the right people, reading books, magazines, journals and newspapers or consulting references books in the library.