Choosing of a Good Research Problem or Topic

To ensure the completion of the study and to make research work enjoyable to the researcher, certain criteria should be observed.

  • Within the interest of the researcher. The research problem or topic should be within the interest of the researcher so that the researcher will focus his full attention on the research work.
  • Competence of the researcher. The researcher must have a workable understanding of his study such as the method of research to be used to the problem to his problem.
  • Specialization of the researcher. Research problem or topic should be within the specialization of the researcher to make research work easier for him.  This will also improve his specialization skills, and competence of his profession.
  • Research budget. The researcher should be able to finance or find funding for his research until his study is completed.
  • Personal choice of the researcher problem or topic. This is to prevent from blaming others or offering excuses for any problem encountered.
  • Researchable and manageable research problem or topic. All the data used should be accessible as well as equipment and instruments for research are available and can give valid and reliable results. Also, the hypothesis formulated are testable and the research problem or topic should be able to meet the standards of accuracy, objectivity and verifiability.
  • Within period of time. Research topic should be completed within a reasonable period of time.  There must be a project time table.
  • Relevant to the present time. Research topic should be significant, important and relevant to the present time and situation, and of current interest. In addition, it should be able to arouse people’s interest.
  • Add human knowledge. Research topic must contribute a new bit of knowledge to what we already have since all the facts and knowledge are the products of research.
  • Solve problems. Prove the way for the solution of the problems or problems intended to be solved.  After research or project have been conducted, recommendations are made for the solution and if implemented can solve the problems.
  • Moral and spiritual values. Research topic must promote divine values and admirable human values including love, peace, goodwill, etc.
  • Quality of human life. Research topic must improve the quality of human life or show how to improve unsatisfactory conditions.