Master Thesis and Phd Thesis

Master thesis is requirement in order to earn a master’s degree while PhD thesis is known to be the highest form of thesis since PhD is a doctoral degree.  You cannot have a PhD degree without a master’s degree.  Master’s degree takes 2 to 3 years to complete depending on field and other applied experience. It depends to the programs whether to submit a thesis or take a comprehensive exam. Doctoral degree is more advance degree since it takes 4 to 8 years to complete.

Thesis is also known as dissertation but in some universities thesis and dissertation is treated differently. Thesis is submitted at the end of master’s degree while dissertation is submitted at the end of doctoral degree.

Thesis is compose of about 100 plus pages and does not need a long time and requires the students to perform a hypothesis based on their research. A dissertation is usually had about 300 plus pages and written in form of a book for academic purpose.

PhD dissertation is strictly more examined by the advisory board than master’s thesis.  Also, in master’s thesis, you can easily obtain help from your professors and advisers but in PhD dissertation you will work independently.