Research Study Limitations

Limitations of the study are weakness of the study that somethings that a researchers cannot control.  All studies have limitation because research topic should narrow down in order to finish the study on time and to avoid complexity of the research. Like for example, if you do not restrict your discussion related to the research problem, you have to tackle all data related to your research. You need to limit your research by describing your study. Factors to considers in terms of limitation are sample size, available and reliable data, measure to use to collect data, and access of data.

Usually the limitation of the study is located at the beginning of the discussion section of your document so that the reader knows and understands the limitation before reading your document. But of course, do make an excuse the limitation for not doing a thorough research. If there is so much limitation on your research, it means that your topic is too narrow so it means you should find another topic that is specific but not too narrow. Also, you can consult your professor or mentor the possible ways to revise your study.

Here are some tips when writing limitation of your research study:

  • Discuss each limitation in concise terms but I detailed
  • Explains reason for each limitation
  • Knows the impact of your limitation to your findings and conclusion of your study
  • Describe why it is need further research of study because of these limitations
  • Clarifies why each limitation exists