Writing Dissertation Proposal

Dissertation proposal contains information about your dissertation such as probable question you are going to study, research method to be used, reference to the theoretical background and potential result of your study.

Writing dissertation proposal is not a requirement for the school or universities but it is important to guide you on your dissertation writing. You can show your dissertation proposal to your supervisor or mentor and ask for their feedback. If you have dissertation proposal, it may not difficult for you to write dissertation because you will know how to do it.

Here are outlines on writing dissertation proposal:

1. Thesis Title. This is the first part of the proposal and it should be labeled as dissertation proposal not dissertation. Title should be short.

2. Introduction contains objectives and background of the study as well as the statement of the problem.

3. Research Question. It states the question that you want to answer.

4. Timeline. It specifies the time frame for your research using Gantt chart or some kind of concept map.

5. Methods and Procedures. It provides the measures to be used to answer the research questions.

6. Potential Outcomes. It shows the type of outcomes you want to generate.

7. Limitation. It contains the area of your study.

8. Bibliography. It provides the list of references so that you may know how many references you are expecting.