Some Thesis Writing Strategies

After academic study, the next one is to make your thesis or dissertation in order to graduate.  Thesis writing and dissertation is the last requirement to attain a masteral degree or doctorate degree.  The following are some writing strategies to construct your unique thesis.

  • Choosing the topic.  Make sure to choose a topic or theories you are interested in and what would you like to know more about.  Is there a question in your field does not answer satisfactorily?
  • After choosing a topic, begin looking for information relevant to your topic and its theoretical framework. Read everything.
  • Once you become familiar and knowledgeable, you should state your purpose for your thesis or dissertation. You should articulate your purpose clearly.
  •  You are now ready to collect and analyze data and writing up findings.
  •   Get also a copy of the graduate school guidelines for writing theses and follow guidelines exactly.

The following are some general outline of thesis / dissertation.

Chapter 1 – Purpose and Significance of the Study.  This chapter explains the significance of your study as well as the purpose of the study

Chapter 2 – Review of the Literature. Theoretical framework should be explained further and the literature  review.

Chapter 3 – Methodology. It describes and justifies the data gathering methods used. It also outlines how the data is analyzed. Describe the method used and why this method is best appropriate. And also explain every step of the data gathering and analysis process.  It includes the description of the research design, description of the population and justification of data sample used or method used and description of data analysis such as statistical analysis and tests performed

Chapter 4 – Findings.  It addresses the results from the data analysis.

Chapter 5 – Discussions.  It reiterate what you have found out and discuss what is your findings.