Thesis Statement Example

sample thesis statementThesis statement is written to expresses the main idea of your paper. You should make your reader agree with your opinion and to do this, you should provide evidences to prove your opinion. This sentence may call it a thesis statement. A thesis statement is writ


ten in the form of statement not a question. Your thesis should express true opinion not exaggerated. Like for example, we can say that cellphone is amazing or cellphone is awful. This statement is seem to be exaggerated, instead , you can say that cellphone has more advantages that disadvantages or cellphone do good than harm. To prove this statement you should provides evidence.


Your thesis statement should be debatable as much as possible. For instance, we cannot say that there are high numbers of drug addicts living in Sta Rosa, because it is not debatable and it stated as a fact, instead, we can say that “There are lots of drug addicts in Sta. Rosa.” This statement can be answerable by yes or no and it is debatable.

A good thesis statement should be supported by well research supporting document to prove your claim. Like for example, “People should live to other planets.” This statement cannot be research because no person is living in other planet to prove this statement so how you should defend this claim

Other characteristic of thesis statement is that it should be specific. Specific topic example includes: “Marijuana should be legalized”, “Cause of autism can be linked to gut”, |School Official should fight cyberbullying” and “Dependence to technology makes the students lazy”.

Always makes sure that if you choose a topic in your thesis, it should be an interesting for both of you and the reader.