Related Literature and Studies Characteristics

Related literature and studies help the researcher understand his topic better because it may clarify vague points about his problem. It also guides the researcher in making comparisons between his findings with the findings of other similar studies. So it is necessary that the related materials should have true value.  I listed some characteristics of related literature and studies for your guidelines.

  • The related materials should be as recent as possible. It is important that reviewed materials must be new or fresh because of the rapid change in technology, social, economic, scientific and human lifestyle.
  • Reviewed materials should be objective and unbiased. Avoid reviewed materials that is extremely political or religious or onesided.
  • Surveyed materials should be related to the study. Relevant or similar materials to the research must be reviewed.
  • The reviewed materials should be based upon genuinely original and true facts or data must be valid and reliable. Avoid materials where fictitious data are supplied just to complete the research report because it is hard to prove.
  • Reviewed materials should not be too few and too many. The researcher should provide sufficient enough reviewed materials to give insight into the research problem or to indicate the nature of the present studies. However, the number may also depend upon the availability of related materials.

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